ProFTPD module mod_quotatab_file

This mod_quotatab submodule is contained in the mod_quotatab_file.c, and is found in the contrib/ area of the ProFTPD source distribution. See the mod_quotatab installation instructions.

This submodule provides the file-specific "driver" for storing quota table information in files.


Please contact TJ Saunders <tj at> with any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this module.

File Quota Tables

Using file-based quota tables (source-type of "file") the data will be stored in binary fixed-record format. This module is accompanied by a tool, ftpquota, to help in creating and managing these file-based tables.

The mod_quotatab_file module supports the "file" string for the source-type parameter of the QuotaLimitTable and QuotaTallyTable configuration directives. If the "file" source-type is used, then the source-info parameter must be the full path to the file table.

mod_quotatab_file treats any number zero or less for a bytes limit as "unlimited". Similarly, it treats a value of zero for any of the files limits as "unlimited". "Unlimited" values are ignored, in that any limit that is "unlimited" is not used in any of mod_quotatab's calculations.


  # Using a file-based limit table
  QuotaLimitTable file:/usr/local/proftpd/ftpquota.limittab

  # Using a file-based tally table
  QuotaTallyTable file:/usr/local/proftpd/ftpquota.tallytab

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