LDAPForceGeneratedHomedir --  Force all LDAP-authenticated users to use the LDAPGenerateHomedir home directory


LDAPForceGeneratedHomedir [ on off ]


LDAPForceGeneratedHomedir off


server config, <VirtualHost>, <Global>




mod_ldap v2.8.13 and later


When no homeDirectory attribute is found, the mod_ldap module can be configured to generate a home directory using the LDAPGenerateHomedir directive. If there is a homeDirectory attribute present, however, the mod_ldap module will use that attribute value as the home directory.

However, there may be cases where the administrator wishes to override the homeDirectory attribute, and thus to always use the home directory value that mod_ldap would generate. The LDAPForceGeneratedHomedir directive is used in such cases.

For example, assume that the user logging in is named "tj", and has an LDAP object whose homeDirectory attribute value is "/home/tj". To force the use of mod_ldap's generated home directory instead of that homeDirectory value, the configuration might look like:

  LDAPForceGeneratedHomedir on
  LDAPGenerateHomedir on
  LDAPGenerateHomedirPrefix /var/ftp
Using the above configuration, the home directory that the mod_ldap module would use is /var/ftp/tj, despite what homeDirectory attribute may be in the LDAP directory.

Note that if LDAPForceGeneratedHomedir is enabled, then LDAPGenerateHomedir must also be enabled. It is an error to enable LDAPForceGeneratedHomedir without also enabling LDAPGenerateHomdir.

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