ListOptions -- Configure options used when listing directories


ListOptions [ "options string"] [ ["strict"]]




server config, <VirtualHost>, <Anonymous>, <Global>, <Directory>, .ftpaccess




1.2.8rc1 and later


Normally, FTP commands involving directory listings (NLST, LIST and STAT) use the arguments (options) passed by the client to determine what files are displayed and the format they are displayed in. The ListOptions directive can alter the behaviour of such listings by making it such that a certain option (or options) is always in effect, or is always disabled.

In addition to the normal dash-prefixed options that the builtin ls takes, the directive allows for plus-prefixed options. The plus-prefixed options allow for their dash-prefixed equivalents, potentially given by a user, to be disabled, while still allowing other options to function normally.

      -1 List one file per line

      -A List all files except "." and ".."
      -a List all files including those whose names start with "."
      -C List entries by columns
      -d List directory entries instead of directory contents
      -F Append file type indicator (one of "*", "/", "=", "@" or "|") to names
      -h Print file sizes in human-readable format (e.g. 1K, 234M, 2G)
      -L List files pointed to by symlinks
      -l Use a long listing format
      -n List numeric UIDs/GIDs instead of user/group names
      -R List subdirectories recursively
      -r Sort filenames in reverse order
      -S Sort by file size
      -t Sort by modification time 

If the optional "strict" keyword is used, then the configured options will override any options given by the user (i.e. the user's options will be ignored). In addition to "strict" the following keywords are supported:

      maxfiles Sets a maximum limit on the number of files listed in one directory listing

      maxdirs Sets a maximum limit on the number of directories listed in one directory listing

      maxdepth Sets a maximum recursion depth, if the -R option is allowed 

See also


# Force directory listings to always show dotfiles ListOptions "-a"

# To prevent anyone from doing recursive listings, but still allowing # other user options, use +R to disable any -R option given by users ListOptions "+R"

# To allow only the basic listing, no options, always ListOptions "" strict

#limit maximum files given back to 2000 and recurse in to a max #depth of 3 directories ListOptions -a maxfiles 2000 maxdepth 3