RadiusUserInfo -- Configure login information via RADIUS


RadiusUserInfo [ uid gid home shell [suppl-group-names suppl-group-ids]]




server config, <Global>, <VirtualHost>




1.2.7rc1 and later


The RadiusUserInfo directive is used to configure login information used for every user authenticated via RADIUS. The optional suppl-group-names and suppl-group-ids parameters are used to specify supplemental group membership for each user; the number of names and IDs must match if these parameters are used.

In order to support RADIUS servers that may use custom attributes in their Access-Accept response packets to supply user information back to the RADIUS client (mod_radius in this case), this directive allows the following syntax for some of its parameters:


where the enclosing $() signals that the parameter is to be supplied by the RADIUS server, attribute-id is the custom attribute ID for which to search in the response packet, and default-value is the value to use in case the requested attribute is not present in the response packet. This syntax is not supported for the suppl-group-names or suppl-group-ids parameters.

If RadiusUserInfo is not used, mod_radius will perform pure "yes/no" authentication only, in the style of PAM. The information that would have been configured via this directive will be pulled from other sources (e.g. /etc/passwd, AuthUserFiles, MySQL tables, etc).

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