RewriteMap -- Define a rewrite map


RewriteMap [ map-name map-type:map-soure]




server config, <Global>, <VirtualHost>




1.2.6rc1 and later


The RewriteMap directive defines a rewriting map which can be used inside rule substitution strings by the mapping-functions to insert/substitute fields through a key lookup. The source of this lookup can be of various types.

The map-name is the name of the map and will be used to specify a mapping-function for the substitution strings of a rewriting rule via one of the following constructs:

${ map-name : lookup-key }

${ map-name : lookup-key | default-value

When such a construct occurs the map map-name is consulted and the key lookup-key is resolved. If the key is found, the map-function construct is substituted by subst-value. If the key is not found then it is substituted by default-value or by the empty string if no default-value was specified.

The following combinations for map-type and map-src can be used:

The RewriteMap directive can occur more than once. For each mapping-function use one RewriteMap directive to declare its rewriting map name.

Note: For plain text files the looked-up keys are cached in-core until the mtime of the text map file changes or the server does a restart. This way you can have map-functions in rules which are used for every request. This is no problem, because the parsing of the text files only happens once!

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