TLSRenegotiate -- Configure SSL renegotiations


TLSRenegotiate [ ["ctrl" secs] ["data" Kbytes] ["timeout" secs]|["required" on|off]|"none"]




server config, <Global>, <VirtualHost>




1.2.7rc1 and later


The TLSRenegotiate directive is used to configure when SSL renegotiations are to occur. Renegotiations, and thus this directive, are only supported by mod_tls if the version of OpenSSL installed is 0.9.7 or greater.

If supported, renegotiations will occur on control channels that have been established for four hours by default, and on data channels that have transferred over one gigabyte of data by default. When renegotiations are requested, the client is given a timeout of 30 seconds, by default, to perform the renegotiation. To change the default control channel renegotiation timeout, use ctrl followed by a number, greater than zero, in seconds. Use data followed by a number, greater than zero, of kilobytes to change the default data channel renegotiation threshhold. The timeout parameter, followed by a positive number of seconds, is used to change the length of time given to a client to complete a requested renegotiation, after which the SSL session will be shutdown. By default, mod_tls will require that the client comply with the requested renegotiation within the TLSRenegotiate timeout. If, however, the client is unwilling or unable to do so, and the daemon needs to support these clients, set required to off. Doing so will cause renegotiations to be requested, but not required.

By default, mod_tls will perform renegotiations if supported, on the control channel after 4 hours, and on the data channel after one gigabyte of transferred data. The default timeout for a renegotiation is 30 seconds.

Use none to disable all renegotiation requirements.

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    # Change renegotiations to occur on control channels after 1 hour
    TLSRenegotiate ctrl 3600

    # Change renegotiations to occur on data channels after 500 MB
    TLSRenegotiate data 512000

    # Change renegotiations so that they are not required, only requested
    TLSRenegotiate required off

    # Change only the timeout for renegotiations to be 5 minutes
    TLSRenegotiate timeout 300

    # Change all of the above renegotiation threshholds using one directive
    TLSRenegotiate ctrl 3600 data 512000 required off timeout 300

    # To disable renegotiations entirely
    TLSRenegotiate none