User -- Set the user the daemon will run as


User [ User userid]




server config, <VirtualHost>, <Anonymous>, <Global>




0.99.0 and later


The User directive configures which user the proftpd daemon will normally run as. By default, proftpd runs as root which is considered undesirable in all but the most trustful network configurations. The User directive used in conjunction with the Group directive instructs the daemon to switch to the specified user and group as quickly as possible after startup. On some unix variants, the daemon will occasionally switch back to root in order to accomplish a task which requires super-user access. Once the task is completed, root privileges are relinquished and the server continues to run as the specified user and group. When applied to a <VirtualServer> block, proftpd will run as the specified user/group on connections destined for the virtual server's address or port. If either User or Group is applied to an <Anonymous> block, proftpd will establish an anonymous login when a user attempts to login with the specified userid, as well as permanently switching to the corresponding uid/gid (matching the User/Group parameters found in the anonymous block) after login. Note: When an authorized unix user is authenticated and logs in, all former privileges are released, the daemon switches permanently to the logged in user's uid/gid, and is never again capable of switching back to root or any other user/group.

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