mod_core -- Core module




This module provides all the core functionality ProFTPD needs to function, this module must be compiled in.

See also

Allow AllowAll AllowClass AllowFilter AllowForeignAddress AllowGroup AllowOverride AllowRetrieveRestart AllowStoreRestart AllowUser Anonymous AnonymousGroup AuthOrder Bind CDPath Class CommandBufferSize DebugLevel DefaultAddress DefaultServer DefaultTransferMode DeferWelcome Define Deny DenyAll DenyClass DenyFilter DenyGroup DenyUser Directory DisplayChdir DisplayConnect DisplayGoAway DisplayLogin DisplayQuit Global Group GroupOwner HideFiles HideGroup HideNoAccess HideUser IdentLookups IfDefine IfModule IgnoreHidden Include Limit MasqueradeAddress MaxConnectionRate MaxInstances MultilineRFC2228 Order PassivePorts PathAllowFilter PathDenyFilter PidFile Port RLimitCPU RLimitMemory RLimitOpenFiles ScoreboardFile ServerAdmin ServerIdent ServerName ServerType SetEnv SocketBindTight SocketOptions SyslogFacility SyslogLevel tcpBackLog tcpNoDelay TimeoutIdle TimeoutLinger TimesGMT TransferLog Umask UnsetEnv UseIPv6 User UseReverseDNS UserOwner UseUTF8 VirtualHost WtmpLog